HPE Corvette Differential

Here at Hoosier Performance Engineering we have recently reviewed our differential packages and have made a few minor changes focused on ensuring you, the customer, get a high quality differential that meets your unique requirements at the most economical price possible.  Our differential packages are put together so that the right balance of cost and quality is obtained.  We go beyond upgrading the known and obvious components and consider the entire assembly including the bearings, each individual casting, all the fasteners, and lastly the assembly process.  At Hoosier Performance Engineering our goal is to provide our customers with best in class performance differentials.

We now offer three different series of differential package upgrades beginning with our recently introduced Stock Series and progressing up through our Sportsman Pro Series Stage IV.  Each stage in our differential line-up of performance products contains upgrades that align many common engine modification packages beginning with a factory stock product and ending with pure competition focused Corvettes.

We also will work closely with you to further modify our standard packages based on whatever your unique requirements might be.  The product line-up and pricing found in this catalog are based on these standard packages but do not reflect the limits of our capabilities.  Other services and products we offer include;

  • Custom 2005 differential packages
  • Torque tube rebuilding
  • Torque tube modifications
  • Differential cooling packages
  • Hoosier Performance Engineering’s Strut package
  • Differential parts
  • And many more.

If you do not see what you need or have any questions we encourage you to contact us at 260-693-2692

CLICK HERE to download pdf file of our Hoosier Performance Engineering’s Differential Products manual.