HoosierPE-AFCO-Corvette-C5-6-Shocks (9)Adjusting the Hoosier Performance Engineering / AFCO Racing Corvette Shock is simple!

This article will cover how simple the adjustment is on Hoosier Performance Engineering/AFCO Racing C5/C6 Corvette double adjustable performance shocks. It is important to drivers to have a simple way to make adjustments when going to events or on the fly at the track, we kept this on the forefront when designing this shock package.

The Front Shocks:

Front-C5-6-Corvette-HoosierPE-AFCO-Shock-Adjustment (1)

Front-C5-6-Corvette-HoosierPE-AFCO-Shock-Adjustment (2)

When adjusting the front shocks, you will need to jack the front end enough to reach in to change the rebound and compression setting. Both settings have a knob to adjust, it is pointing to the outside of the car. Rebound will give you 25 settings to adjust and the compression will give you 23 settings to adjust. (Note: When jacking the car up, use a jack stand for safety.)

The Rear Shocks:

When adjusting the rear shocks, this will be the simplest.  When the car is on the ground, reach around the back side of the wheel and tire to adjust rebound with top adjustment knob or the compression with the bottom adjustment knob. Rebound will give you 25 settings to adjust and the compression will give you 23 settings to adjust.


NOTE: Turning the adjustment knob clockwise until it stops will achieve full rebound or compression.  Turning the adjustment knob counter clockwise reduces rebound or compression.

That is it!

We appreciate your time with some basic instructions on adjusting the front and rear Corvette shocks. We understand what competitors want when driving their street cars to events or competing in their race cars at events. Please contact us if you have questions or comments about the adjustment of our double adjustable Corvette shocks with the details to follow.


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