Hoosier Performance Engineering Loyalty Program

Want to earn HoosierPE Bucks for future purchases on parts or labor with Hoosier Performance Engineering? Here is an opportunity with our HoosierPE Loyalty Program! For each race you trophy in, you will earn HoosierPE Bucks towards purchasing parts from our many manufactures or labor on installs or service. Fill out our online form, follow some simple rules, and then you are ready to GO!


  1. Send info@hoosierpe.com an email so we can put you in our database and keep track of your earned HoosierPE Bucks.
  2. We will send you two HoosierPE 4”x10” stickers for your car to be placed in a visible area of your choice for possible photo recognition. A photo of the car with sticker visible must be sent to us for our web marketing and files. Please make sure car is washed and presentable for online marketing media.
    sticker sample
  3. When registering for events, “HoosierPE.com” must be listed in the event registration sponsor section.
  4. After completion of an event, a link to the results must be emailed to HoosierPE to confirm earned winnings. At that time, it is not required, but if there are links or event photos of your car – please send those to us so we can add them to the web marketing section of your car page.

How you earn “HoosierPE Bucks”:

  1. The class must have 3 or more participants competing.
  2. “HoosierPE Bucks” are only for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishes – each paying out a different amount for regional and national event, or if a trophy position.
  3. HoosierPE Bucks Breakdown:
    placing cost

How you use earned “HoosierPE Bucks”:

  1. You have until the end of January of the following year to use all earned “HoosierPE Bucks” These do not transfer into the next year. We keep a record of your earnings on file with your above entry submitted.
  2. Earned HoosierPE Bucks are grouped in buckets of allowances. Below shows how earnings can be spent with Hoosier Performance Engineering.
    rewards back

NOTE: Those participating in the Loyalty Program must apply each year. All photos submitted and results will be used for our marketing of our brand and to promote you as a driver through our online marketing and other sources. “HoosierPE Bucks” are credits and discounts off purchases through Hoosier Performance Engineering and are not paid in cash. All requirements must be followed to earn “HoosierPE Bucks”.