Dyno Type Power Stroke Shaft velocity Stroke Regulation Power Mech. Type
3-50 Transp. 3 hp 0.5” / 1” 0.16”/s to 37.4”/s 4 regulations 220v Scotch Yoke
4-50 Transp. 4hp 1.5” / 2” 0.16”/s to 37.4”/s 4 regulations 220v Scotch Yoke
dyno 3-50
Electric Motor. Asynchronous AC Motors, 1.500 rpm, with different powers depending on the Dyno model (4 or 3hp). For work at low high speeds continuously, they can have an independent blower. They are always driver controlled.

Transmission. With timing belts, in 2 reduction stages. This type of belts combined with the use of lineal ball bearings, puts almost all the power at the Dyno shaft, allowing it to work at very low & high speeds with grater shock loads.

dyno 3-50


Frequencies & velocities. Frequencies from 0,1Hz up to 6Hz . With this frequencies, the shaft speed can go from 0,16”/sec (4mm/sec) to 37.4”/sec (950mm/sec).

Force sensing. Z type load cell.

Position & velocity sensing. Digital high precision encoder system.

Moving transformation system. Scotch yoke (describes a perfect sinusoidal function). The mechanism has a frictionless no backlash mechanic solution, really useful for short stroke. For the stroke change, the machine has a clamping mechanism with 4 options: 0.5”/ 1”/ 1.5”/ 2”. The software recognizes the new stroke automatically.

dyno 3-50Data acquisition system of exclusive development, works combined with a YASKAWA AC Drive. The system is totally commanded by software.

Software. Developed in C++, with all the usual windows functions (file, edition,..). Resulting in a powerful but friendly soft. It can handle several tests simultaneously with a practical show / no show command and different curves colors & traces making results comparisons a really easy job. 18 different types of graphics and charts type information is available. A pass / no pass curve analyzer and a production module are other available functions.