Ride Height? Corner Weight? Shock Dyno? We can do that!

Hoosier Performance Engineering offers a wealth of suspension knowledge from giving you the ability to have your ride corner weighted, ride height adjustments, basic scaling for weight data, and shock dyno service for race or street applications. We work closely with AFCO Racing, building off their race systems to design a top performing street to race shock setup. Look below to find the right service for you and as always, if you do not see something below – Call us or shoot an email to discuss your future project or needs.

Phone: (260) 693-2692  |  Email: info@hoosierpe.com

Scale Day (by appointment):

Looking to see what your ride weighs? HoosierPE can help you with that by putting your car on our corner scales. We ‘ll give you a couple of measurements with the driver in and out of the car. give you readouts of the data to take with you to digest your next goals to improve. This service is offered with no adjustments to your ride, we roll your car on the scales and take less than an hour of your time.

Call for group rates for those in clubs wanting to do multiple cars!

Ride Height Adjustments:

Running a coilover setup? Need to get the ride height in a different position for better performance and fit? We can help and look forward to getting your ride in the optimum position for your street and race applications.

Corner Weighting:

Get the most out of your ride on the street and race days. We putting our knowledge of scale data and years of street/race experience to get your car set to optimum weight on all four corners with you and out of the car. A well-balanced car is very important in racing and we would be giving you the edge over your competition. If you have a special request beyond our starter package, we would quote you time and materials on your project.

Shock Dyno Service:

All about the data? Not everyone can crunch the numbers to get the results, but at HoosierPE – we have trained personnel to achieve the ride quality and performance needed to edge the competition.  Our facility uses Pronello Shock Dynamometers to measure your data. It is common for race teams to have a specific setting that we maintain proprietary between HoosierPE and you.