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Here at Hoosier Performance Engineering we are car enthusiasts like you. We care for your car and offer services below to improve its performance to be more competitive on track or just the normal oil change and tire swap. To learn more about each service listed below, click the “see pricing” button for each service.

Shop Labor: $89/hour

Phone: 260-693-2692



An important part to any vehicle whether it is your daily driver or race car, it is a must to keep those oils fresh. Stop in for our synthetic blended oil change and inspection for $38.99 – includes all the fixings needed for a proper oil change.

Want something more of a performance oil change – call us for a quote on our racing fluids and filters prices.

->Tires and Wheels Service:

We are a top rated Tire Rack dealer and install for the Fort Wayne area. We offer tire service to the community at a competitive rate and get all the Tire Rack deals you look for online and sometimes better than that. We also partnered with a few other tire distributors that can make the difference when shopping around for the best wheel and tire combo. Click the “tire and wheels service” to learn more about our service and fees.


HoosierPE can help setup your car for the street or track. We offer a few options to help with shock dyno, corner weighting, scaling weight service, or ride height changes. We offer professional services in ride development and a wealth of knowledge to improve ride quality and performance in your car. Paired with our suspension knowledge, we offer shock dyno services to get readings and develop the best valving for you setup. Click the “suspension setup” above to learn more about our packages.


We are a Nitrous Outlet distributor and installer of nitrous systems. With that we have our own refill station and freezer for refilling your nitrous oxide bottles. Click the “nitrous oxide systems & refill” to learn more about these services.

Racing Differentials – Purpose Built Drivetrains

Hoosier Performance Engineering specializes in rebuilding and upgrading your drivetrain in your automobile. Offering purpose built drivetrains for muscle cars and other racing applications. We have a strong background in Corvette differentials rebuild and upgrades, but welcome other manufacture work. To learn more about the different Corvette differential packages we offer, please visit our store in the C5 or C6 sections. There you will find 4 stages to upgrade your differential for optimum potential for street and race applications.

Please call or email us to about other manufacture differential rebuilds and upgrade work, 260-693-2692 or

C5 Corvette Differential Packages

C6 Corvette Differential Packages