Time to dyno and or service those shocks? Need a custom tune?

 Hoosier Performance Engineering setup shop with shock dyno company Pronello Competition Research to become their North American Dealer. While using the machines for our company’s “Street to Compete” tunes on AFCO Racing shock technology, we open the door to consumers to work with us on researching more into their shock setup. We offer services to dyno your shocks and provide graphs for your records. We are continually adding mounting hardware to adapt to different shocks for this service, call us to see when you can schedule your appointment.



Do you service or custom tune shocks?

We also provide service to your shocks for basic rebuilding for the new season, repair and or maybe you are trying to edge out the competition with a new custom tune. Our engineers can help fine tune your setup (depending on the availability of the shock rebuilding kits for tuning) in our facility and provide dyno results for your next test and tune runs. Other services in the line of tuning your shocks could be our corner weight program. We have scales onsite to corner weight your car for optimum performance. Service for this start at $89 and by appointment only.


To learn more about our dyno program, visit HERE.

Are you in the market for a shock dyno? Visit HERE for a few options.

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