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Our mission is to offer our customers the highest in customer service and top quality engineered parts for their modified automobile. Delivering suspension tuning and give the ability to affordable pricing on their performance upgrades. We specialize in suspension performance parts and have the ability to improve your street machine for daily driving or on race day.  We keep an open mind to all makes and models of car performance and welcome the challenge to improve your ride.


John was Chief Engineer, Advanced Chassis-Vehicle Systems at Navistar (International Harvester) and in 2012 the company moved operations to Chicago, IL. John and his family chose to stay in Indiana and to pursue his dream of developing aftermarket performance components with his engineering consulting company, Hoosier Performance Engineering. While working on some projects with DTE Performance (prior Dynotech Engineering) of Fort Wayne, IN, the owner of DTE asks John if he would be interested in buying out his business. In November 2013, John and Rhonda Fehring bought DTE Performance, a Corvette performance speed shop.

A few months into ownership, there was a transition of it being Corvette only performance into street car performance, focusing on ride development systems and components. John has been heavily involved in ride technology and development in past careers and consulting work in many of the main major shock systems on the market. His experience as Senior Project Engineer for Delphi Chassis gave him the ability to work with all ride controls products; shock designs, algorithm development, ride tuning & system integration. We are applying that to the business today.

In December of 2014 we purchased a Pronello Shock Dynamometer and became their North American dealer for Pronello systems. Developed by a racing family of engineers in Argentina, the Pronello design has zero lash system unique to Scotch-yoke shock dynos. The system also has the ability to run out in the 35 in/sec range compared to the typical 12 in/sec of other models and is ready to service all forms of suspension systems. We also corner weight and scale to racing specs needed to get the optimum performance out of suspension.

John Fehring: President and Co-owner, “Hoosier Daddy”


John offers superior knowledge in the suspension tuning of automobiles through extensive schooling and on hand working experience. He is credited for 8 US patents and 2 Defensive Publications in regards to automobile suspensions. John’s passions with the company are to offer his customers affordable performance parts with top engineered design and testing to back up top results for your racing.

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• Board Member and Adult Sunday School Teacher, Cornerstone Wesleyan Church
• Founder, Industrial Advisory Committee to Purdue’s Baja SAE Baja Teams, 2005 to Present
• Officiated the SAE Mid-West Mini Baja competitions in Troy, OH, 1989 – 2003
• SAE Member
• TMC Associate Member as a truck OEM
• SCCA-Sports Car Club of America Member, Fort Wayne Region, Tech Inspection Chief

Rhonda Fehring: Vice-President and Co-owner, “Hoosier Ma-Ma”

Rhonda maintains the business books, processes orders, answers phones, and keeps the office in shape and keeps the guys in line.

• SCCA-Sports Car Club of America Member, Fort Wayne Region, Registration Chief


Scott Lewis: Lead Design Engineer

Scott handles product development and design. Past master technician and skilled wrench. Worked with John at International Truck and found a common interest in suspension and racing. Former Porsche, Audi, and Mazda Master Technician. Quality Assurance Analyst, and Inventory Control Analyst for Mazda.

• Lincoln Technical Instute—Auto and Diesel Truck Technician
• Ivy Tech—AAS Mechanical Design
• Indiana Tech—BS Manufacturing Engineering

Scott Nationals
• Multi-time solo national trophy winner in his built C Prepared racecar
•Enjoy bicycling
•Regional solo champion
•Crew for road racing team