Ready for HoosierPE to take care of YOU?

We have been busy here at the shop with different kinds of work and also on going work on our website. We recently updated information in our “Shop Services” section, getting more details on our services and abilities to the racing and service community. We have added a “Schedule Appointment” page and section for you to send a quick note on wanting or inquiring work to be done.

Automotive maintenance and Speed Shop work is very important to us. Knowing you are out there driving your daily driver or racing your ride from event to event, we put a racers care and passion into our work. We also understand most people are on a budget and when we see something that needs attention, we call first to make sure the work can be done – instead of you getting a bill for the work done. We are racers to heart, but will not shy from the day to day service automobiles need. From oil changes to tire service or those routine maintenance items that need done, we are here to help you save money and get those repairs done in a timely fashion.

As we grow in our shock program, we will be adding more brands to our plate for rebuilds and tuning. We are currently setup with all areas of AFCO Racing shocks to tune, build, and repair. We are working out the mounting fixtures to offer other brands on the market that we can rebuild and tune, giving you more available brands for competitive and available shock services. We have a few options in our program that are available now, be sure to check those out and share with those that are in need of shock service.

Remember, we bring honesty, passion, and an engineers touch to our service to you all. We are driven to improve your street ride to perform above the rest on track and to keep your daily driver safe with maintenance for less. When you have time, stop by the website and see some of the new details added and if you have questions – please let us know.

Added bonus:  For all those that sign up in our newsletter section and keep up to date with HoosierPE’s journey, we will take $5 off our Synthetic Blend Oil Change service. You can subscribe to our newsletter on the home page and inputting your email address in the field to the right. That section looks like the image below.