Classic American Muscle (CAM), a Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) Competition Series


Do you own a muscle car? Does the sound of 200 tread wear (yea, no such thing these days – more on that later…) across parking lots or airport concrete get you excited? Would racing against a Indy 500 Champion at a grassroots level get your pumped? Then you really need to tune into the Classic American Muscle class offered by the SCCA, because they are bringing everyone from the big guns of Al Unser Jr., Robby Unser, Mary “Freakin” Pozzi, and your “at home garage build motorsports” enthusiast to these local events.

The SCCA left the door open for competitors from Goodguys, Ultimate Street Car Association and other similar series out there offering events for vintage or classic vehicles manufactured in North America from the “big 3”! In most cases, this network of events has given opportunities for a competitor to race all month from one series to the other. SCCA’s main objective to the class… make the events fun and as little rules as possible. You can find a complete list of rule, ONE PAGE, for the three classes offered in CAM. CLICK HERE for the 2016 CAM Rules!

Are you excited and want to join us in the 2016 season?

SCCA website has an autocross section to see what new events are coming, CLICK HERE!

MotorsportsReg also offers the ability to find events and a lot of regions post their events on there, CLICK HERE!

Speedway Motors, “America’s Oldest Speed Shop”, is the title sponsor for CAM Challenges and they are a great resource, CLICK HERE!

How does Hoosier Performance Engineering stack up with the CAM series in Sports Car Club of America?

champFerhingHoosierPE spent last season racing the CAM events offered regionally, nationally at Solo Nationals, the CAM Challenges both at Peru, IN at the Grissom AFB, and divisionally in the Great Lakes Division. We competed in our shop car, a 2000 Pontiac TransAm with LS3 swap, Moser 12 bolt rear end, AFCO Racing double adjustable shocks tuned by us, and several other go fast bits either engineered by Scott and John or off the shelf parts from manufactures we sell. During the season we found this class to be a ton of fun! There is a lot of fast drivers in the Midwest and so many beautiful rides to enjoy watching race.

For our company, the CAM class activity is embraced with open arms. We help support the CAM East Challenge at Grissom AFB with sponsorship and sponsor our local Fort Wayne SCCA region on regional events. Our crew understands the importance of a solid package that can has optimum street ride quality and be a top performer on track. With 2016 approaching us, we have a couple titles to defend against with one being the Great Lakes Divisional Champion in CAM-C and CAM like style event at the Motorstate Distribution Challenge, winning the manufacture class award with our final autocross win.

hoosierpe-afco-shocks-cam-challenge (4)To learn more about our “Street to Compete” CAM Class shock packages, please visit our website here. We have completed two packages currently, one being the Fbody 4th Gen chassis and Corvette C5 and C6 chassis. We are finalizing setting to the Ford SN95 chassis, testing was done on Tony and Michelle Rietdorf’s 1996 Mystic “Missile” Color Mustang from Rosco Racing. We will be releasing packages for the Ford S197 chassis and Chevy 5th and 6th Gen Camaro chassis. All giving you the “street to compete” setup wrapped in AFCO Racing technology. We back our setup with John Fehring and Scott Lewis’s combined background in engineering ride development and building race platforms.


Thanks for tuning in and we look forward to see you all in 2016!


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