The Hoosier Performance Engineering team with drivers Mike Losert and Les Schober raced the C5 Corvette to a second place finish at the Speedway Motors CAM Invitational this past weekend in Lincoln, NE. There has been a lot of development on Les’s Corvette this year to build the best “Street to Compete” package around. Combined with AFCO Racing shock technology with our HoosierPE “Street to Compete” tune and our partnered Corvette control package – this car is one smoking ride!

Congratulations gentlemen on a top performance this past weekend!

Saturday Invite:

  • CAM-C; Tony and Michelle Rietdorf’s Mystic SN95 Mustang took the class win with Dave Feighner at the wheel!  Tony placed 6th.  
  • CAM-S; Mike Losert took the class win in Les Schober’s 2002 C5 Corvette!  Les finished 6th.

So, HPE took 2 of the three top class wins!  We are working on partnering with a customer on a CAM-T car for next year to sweep the podium…

4scca_nationals_hoosierpe_afcoracingSunday’s Challenge:  (Each car takes 3 new runs in the morning.  They take the top 16 from each class and do elimination rounds.)

  • CAM-C; Dave qualifies 7th (hit a cone), Tony – 11th, John – 13th in the Challenge.  Dave and Tony struggle with over heating/vapor lock issues and Dave’s out in round 2, Tony and John go out in the first rounds against the faster top 8 drivers. The Mystic Missile mechanical issues prevented them from top finish opportunities.
  • CAM-S; Mike qualifies 1st, Les 6th.  Mike wins!  Les is out in 2 round. 

Top 3 Shoot out: (Winners of CAM C, S & T)

  • Mike finishes 2nd behind the Speedway Motors car driven by Robby Unser.



Hoosier Performance Engineering will be releasing updated news on the Corvette CG package that gave them the edge in the CAM Challenge. There will be options available to accommodate your performance needs.

We will update our website and social feeds soon on the news.

To find products available now for your performance needs, please visit our SHOPPING CART!!