Fbody Racing Shocks for Street to RACE to Street

Here at Hoosier Performance Engineering we have been working very hard to produce a street to race to street shock for the FBody enthusiast.  Well, we have done it and even put a few wins on the suspension at some of our past events like the USCA Optima Batteries Motor State Challenge winning overall autocross times and the Manufacture class. We have been able to hold our own against some of the best in the nation in street car challenges and at nationally held autocross events, with top 10 and 5 finishes. We will be competing in the SCCA Solo Nationals at Lincoln, NE in the CAM invitational and CAM Class Solo Nationals in September 2015.

It is exciting working with AFCO Racing, we are helping street car guys get more competitive with a dependable shock with years of racing heritage combined with our engineering background in suspension design and tuning. We recently built some Mustang shocks for local racer in autocross and most currently wrapping up our C5 and C6 package on the AFCO shocks. The door is wide open and we welcome customers to challenge us with getting their ride worthy for the podium, you deserve it!

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Owner John Fehring and Lead Engineer Scott Lewis discuss the test and tune ride at Grissom AFB before heading back out.

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John testing the AFCO Racing C5 Double Adjustable shocks out at Grissom AFB.

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We had a display setup at the Speedway SCCA CAM Challenge East at Grissom AFB in Peru IN showing off the HoosierPE designed and tuned C5 shocks. Thanks to our good friend Les for giving us the opportunity to test and tune on his beautiful Corvette.

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After John & Rhonda Fehring (owners) have a long weekend of competing, Rhonda spends her week days driving the LS3 powered 2000 TransAm from home to the shop. It is a wonderful 45 minute drive through country roads and city downtown driving to get to HoosierPE. This car is no trailer queen and she gets to stretch her legs on many occasions.

We are engineers first. We want to help change the aftermarket world in automotive performance, starting with designed suspension components to tuning shocks on our Pronello Shock Dyno. Want to learn more about our products and service? Visit www.hoosierpe.com and or call us at (260) 245-0352.

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AFCO Racing offers a 2010 plus Camaro suspension package. Brad Green is one of our customers and we installed this package on his awesome looking Camaro SS. He races and daily drives this beautiful car.

Pre-orders on the FBody racing suspension will be available and we are here to answer questions when needed. Thanks for checking out our video and look for more of these to come. We have in the works a 1 on 1 with owner John Fehring to discuss the suspension design and tune for the Fbody.

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Call or email us today to learn more. (260) 245-0352 | info@hoosierpe.com

Call or email us today to learn more. (260) 245-0352 | info@hoosierpe.com